4 Trends in the ERP Manufacturing Software World


ManufacturingpicThe manufacturing and Distribution sector of business growth has created the new innovations now being seen in the third party add-on, global out sourcing and capabilities to cross sell and have increased the lean practices that separate the manufacturing leaders from their not-so-successful counterparts. According to recent research , trends to increase automation; using less labor; requiring more services; labor productivity improvements, and electronic equipment are directly associated  with new ERP Technology trends. This means the Manufacturing  Business wanting to gain a competitive edge will be comparing the new technology between ERP Software packages and seeking out the best system for their business. Let’s take a closer look at these trends for the small/medium businesses.

Increase in Automation Less labor

The study shows that productivity has steadily increased in manufacturing largely because of the use of computers. What is the largest contributor to this increased productivity? Innovations and continuous improvements of ERP software such as Catalyst Manufacturing and VISUAL  Job Shop which drive costs down by increasing productivity with their automated planning systems.

Required Services

The increased use of computers in the Manufacturing field has increased the need for more IT services. These services can be expensive and a good ERP Software will allow you to lower the cost of ownership by using stable databases which are low maintenance and easily maintained. Customizing your reports easily as with the Catalyst Manufacturing can reduce those costs dramatically. Catalyst Manufacturing builds all of its reports within the Microsoft Access product which allows you to smoothly make changes  best representing  your business. Training and implementation services provided by Business Logic Solutions will simplify your experience and get you going in the right direction.

productivityIncreases in Labor Productivity

The report finds computer systems vastly increases Labor Productivity.  You will be surprise with how quickly you can customize a dashboard to fit your needs. In a matter of seconds in VISUAL Job Shop you can see a Birdseye view of your company’s sales orders, receivables, work in process, etc.  This will give you an edge on your competition by having visibility of your business, resolving what issues seem to be dragging the productivity down, and greatly reducing costs. This will increase your bottom line like nothing else with a quick and easy solution without having to navigate through confusing systems.

Electronic Systems

This may be the most important of all the trends.  Tracking the identification throughout your process of individual items is both an option with VISUAL Job Shop and Catalyst Manufacturing.   Barcoding inventory, lot and date tracking product, and labor collection are all examples of how you can quickly bring your business to whole new level.  Inventory accuracy is most often around 70%. How much could you save if your inventory had an accuracy rate of 99.9%? Also, integration to your QuickBooks will provide you with speedier financial reporting and visibility of your financial health.

When considering ERP Software for your business, always look for something expandable which can grow with your business, an experienced   team as with Business Logic Solutions, to get your people trained and your software implemented from the start, and a cost effective solution.  The only way to find the software right for your business is to compile the information yourself or consult with an expert. Business Logic Solutions is here to help you with the right choice. What will be your next step for improvement of your business?

By Susan Faulkner @ Business Logic Solutions.