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Do you feel your business is totally out of control?  Are you at a loss of where to start getting organized?

Well you are not alone.  Thousands of business owners struggle with too little time and too much paperwork. Just yesterday I asked a business owner how his customers where getting invoiced.  Can you believe he told me someone else is doing it and he didn’t know?  Be sure you know what is going on in your business.  You cannot make any good decisions if you don’t know 80 percent of the answers to a problem. Just take a day to sit with your employees and learn what their pain points are.    In this day of technology, we have so many options it simply gets overwhelming.  Start with the biggest things disrupting your business.  Start on one thing at a time and research technology options to get you started.  Don’t forget to ask your employees what they think.  Many times they are the ones who deal with these issues most of the time. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get organized.


  1. Disorganization can cause you to not have a handle on where your business stands.  This means if you don’t know what cash is coming in, how do you know if someone is defrauding you? Simply ask for a daily or weekly report of cash received.
  2. Lack of visibility of what your costs are on jobs is a direct effect of disorganization.  Can you see what it is really costing you to manufacture your orders?  Are you tracking labor and overhead by job? Look at low cost ERP Manufacturing Software or organization tools. There are many really great products on the market.  Many will interface with your QuickBooks.
  3. Are your products or services received on time? Do you know how your customers perceive your business? Disorganization gets you a lack of visibility to stay on top of any delivery issues.  Customers are costly to get, don’t treat your current customers in this way. Know what is going on in your business by making it your business.
  4. Let’s talk taxes. Do you have thousands of receipts lying around your office? Receipts get lost easily and that means you will miss out on tax deductions.  Do you really want to give the government more money?  When you spend money for your business, think about using a credit card all of the time.  This way you have a record of your purchases.  Try not to spend cash on your expenditures.  The new credit cards allow you to take a picture of your receipts and they will match them up to your charge.  If you don’t do that, then keep a monthly folder for the credit card and put the receipts in it DAILY.  Oh and don’t use 10 credit cards.  Use only one if you can.  If you are using an ATM for purchases keep a separate folder for those receipts and staple them together each month.  Your accountant will love you for this.  It will also save your accountant time, therefore, saving you money.
  5. What about your personal space.  Your office, your desk, and yourself.  If you are disorganized in your personal space how does that look to your employees or customers?  Also, how does it make you feel? Take a few minutes each Friday and get organized. All like things together. Priorities on top of the stack. You will be able to have a much more enjoyable weekend if you know you are ready to get to it on Monday morning.

clean office

Getting organized is simple if you take it one step at a time.   Look for the largest problems and solve them, then you can always find time for the small stuff.


Susan Faulkner

Business Logic Solutions


About Susan Faulkner

Expertise in ERP Manufacturing and Quality Software. Provides business software consulting for VISUAL Jobshop, Unipoint Quality Software and QuickBooks. Implementation, training, and process improvements for manufacturing environment.. Includes bar code setup and integration. Crystal report writing and distribution partner with Infosol Re port Scheduler. Many years of experience in IT, accounting, and manufacturing, makes me the perfect fit to see the total picture. Organized data is extremely important to your bottom line. Without the right visibility of your business you are flying blind. Let me show you how to automate your processes and save you money. Specialties: Quickbook ProAdvisor, VISUAL Jobshop, Crystal Reports and distribution/bursting. Specialties in process improvements for manufacturing processes.

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