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Accelerate Your Receivables in 5 Easy Steps

Increasing your income is good. But even if you can’t, you can still take steps to collect the money you’re already owed faster. Here are 5 ways to Accelerate  Receivables in QuickBooks.. If you asked five small business owners to name the top three roadblocks they face in their quest […]

Start Planning Now for 2019 Income Taxes using QuickBooks’ Customization Tools

You may not have even completed your 2013 taxes yet. But now is an ideal time to start getting ready for your 2014 returns. We know that you’re in some stage of preparation for your 2013 income taxes. It may seem odd to start thinking about 2014 taxes just now, […]

Managing your customers deposits in QuickBooks

Process Documentation-Managing Customer Deposit as Negative Liability-Sales Cycle   Sales order-Create your sales order and save it in pdf format.  Create the deposit email below. Then send both together.   Create a separate invoice for the needed deposit. Do not create the invoice from the sales order.  In the item […]


  from the Inside Out by Business Logic Solutions Do you feel your business is totally out of control?  Are you at a loss of where to start getting organized? Well you are not alone.  Thousands of business owners struggle with too little time and too much paperwork. Just yesterday […]